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Version: 0.37.37



Type Aliases


LocalizationMap: Partial<Record<LocaleString, string | null>>


RESTErrorData: RESTErrorGroupWrapper | RESTErrorFieldInformation | {} | string



PermissionFlagsBits: { AddReactions: bigint; Administrator: bigint; AttachFiles: bigint; BanMembers: bigint; ChangeNickname: bigint; Connect: bigint; CreateInstantInvite: bigint; CreatePrivateThreads: bigint; CreatePublicThreads: bigint; DeafenMembers: bigint; EmbedLinks: bigint; KickMembers: bigint; ManageChannels: bigint; ManageEmojisAndStickers: bigint; ManageEvents: bigint; ManageGuild: bigint; ManageMessages: bigint; ManageNicknames: bigint; ManageRoles: bigint; ManageThreads: bigint; ManageWebhooks: bigint; MentionEveryone: bigint; ModerateMembers: bigint; MoveMembers: bigint; MuteMembers: bigint; PrioritySpeaker: bigint; ReadMessageHistory: bigint; RequestToSpeak: bigint; SendMessages: bigint; SendMessagesInThreads: bigint; SendTTSMessages: bigint; Speak: bigint; Stream: bigint; UseApplicationCommands: bigint; UseEmbeddedActivities: bigint; UseExternalEmojis: bigint; UseExternalStickers: bigint; UseVAD: bigint; ViewAuditLog: bigint; ViewChannel: bigint; ViewGuildInsights: bigint } = ...

These flags are exported as BigInts and NOT numbers. Wrapping them in Number() may cause issues, try to use BigInts as much as possible or modules that can replicate them in some way

Type declaration

  • AddReactions: bigint
  • Administrator: bigint
  • AttachFiles: bigint
  • BanMembers: bigint
  • ChangeNickname: bigint
  • Connect: bigint
  • CreateInstantInvite: bigint
  • CreatePrivateThreads: bigint
  • CreatePublicThreads: bigint
  • DeafenMembers: bigint
  • EmbedLinks: bigint
  • KickMembers: bigint
  • ManageChannels: bigint
  • ManageEmojisAndStickers: bigint
  • ManageEvents: bigint
  • ManageGuild: bigint
  • ManageMessages: bigint
  • ManageNicknames: bigint
  • ManageRoles: bigint
  • ManageThreads: bigint
  • ManageWebhooks: bigint
  • MentionEveryone: bigint
  • ModerateMembers: bigint
  • MoveMembers: bigint
  • MuteMembers: bigint
  • PrioritySpeaker: bigint
  • ReadMessageHistory: bigint
  • RequestToSpeak: bigint
  • SendMessages: bigint
  • SendMessagesInThreads: bigint
  • SendTTSMessages: bigint
  • Speak: bigint
  • Stream: bigint
  • UseApplicationCommands: bigint
  • UseEmbeddedActivities: bigint
  • UseExternalEmojis: bigint
  • UseExternalStickers: bigint
  • UseVAD: bigint
  • ViewAuditLog: bigint
  • ViewChannel: bigint
  • ViewGuildInsights: bigint